Press for Bambulaye:

The Vinyl District:

“At the risk of being mistaken for hyperbole, “Bambulaye” navigates a level of interaction many bands will go their entire existence without attaining.”

Sounds and Colours

“Bambulaye is a danceable record, or simply one for those who love music, as Los Hacheros have that ability to make their sextet sound like there are 12 people playing music.”


“The new album from New York’s Los Hacheros is a consistent work of truly soulful Afro-cuban/Puerto Rican/Nuyorican neotraditional popular music. There is a deep sense of swing and sabor (flavor) in every coro (chorus vocal), tumbao (bass and conga groove) and montuno (vamp) and this sabor- coupled with the stylistic integrity and versatility with which they merge salsa, son, charanga, and bomba music- distinguishes Los Hacheros from many of their peers in the New york salsa scene. Their unique style is evident from the first minute of the opening (and title) track, “Bambulaye”, which highlights and flaunts the group’s unique versatility and explosive energy”.


“It’s been so long since a fresh salsa release has been this good, that I got emotional listening to

this album.

I felt pride and joy that people from my heritage residing in New York were able to make

something this good. This is quality music from people who get what they’re doing.”

Pop Stereo Review:

“With amazing musicianship, a love of the past, fantastic spontaneity and songs that are almost impossible not to dance to Bambulaye is pure perfection. Los Hacheros are an amazing unit who have captured the energy and passion of their forefathers and created something uniquely their own…Bambulaye is a constant reminder of how seductive Latin music is and as such it’s an essential record of the genre.”

All About Jazz:

“There is a vital sense of urgency in the production process that transmits into realistic interpretations, with all the influences and nuances coming through. This is dance music for the people, and from the streets, and should be performed as such, without excessive adornments, as they do it here.”







Press for Pilon:

“After you drop the needle on Pilon, the new record by New York’s own salsa masters Los Hacheros, it doesn’t take long to realize you’re listening to the real deal.   Led by producer and musician Jacob Plasse this group of world class musicians knows how to flex their musical muscle without getting in each others way.”

“What if you gather together the best of NY salsa scene, sharing the same vision, and one tape tascam ready to record?. Apparently magic happens, and in an extremely naturally way. This is how Los Hacheros was born…”

“An argument I’ve heard thrown around for years is that this music, our music, is dying or already dead.  I beg to differ.  And I can thinkof no better platform than here at Viva La Música NY Style® to celebrate an album that will beat back the naysayers with a musical one-two punch.  Its gritty, soulful street sound establishes the artists as “The People’s Champions,” contenders capable to go up against the glitzy commercial salsa circuit dominating the airwaves.”

The Salsa World

“Aucun ordinateur, aucun casque ! Mais cette Methode d’enregistrement n’existe plus dans la musique latine et malheureusement celle-ci a perdu de sa magie ». Avec un son graveleux et attendrissant, Los Hacheros ont revendiqué un peu de cette magie, gagnant l’éloge de salseros « jusqu’au boutiste ». Une jeune génération talentueuse sur les traces des « Maestro », ca donne un « son » chaud, authentique, qui promet de faire danser la planète salsa.”

Radio Gladys Palmera:

“Se hacen llamar Los Hacheros, es un quinteto del sur de Manhattan, y su álbum Pilón fue uno de los mejores trabajos de salsa en 2012 bajo el sello Chulo Records del productor y músico Jacob Plasse. Su sabrosura (magia, si se quiere llamar así) proviene de una rica revisión de clásicos del son, el bolero, la guajira, el guaguancó y el cha cha chá; o sea, raíces caribeñas que para esta generación de músicos que a duras penas llega a los treinta, suenan ancestrales.”

Best of 2012, PulsoBeat


“Los Hacheros is a group which consists of six excellent musicians who got together to put together a GEM of a recording which takes you back to the Golden Era of Salsa and when you put this CD on your system it will feel as though the band is playing in your living room.”

“…A very hip New York salsa-son-charanga band… very loose, intoxicating jams with flute, trombone and a very deep dish of funk.”






Toque Music


Mistura Latina, UK